12-06 -2023
Embarking on a Journey of Discovery: The Launch of Our State-of-the-Art Container Laboratory

Exciting Update! The wheels of progress are turning as we embark on a new container laboratory project! Your curiosity is our motivation – everyone is invited to follow the captivating journey and witness the innovative milestones ahead.

12-05 -2023
DP2000 Laboratory Pulverizer: Compact, High-Performance, and Safety-Oriented Lab Solution

Introducing the DP2000 Laboratory Pulverizer – a powerhouse of compact design and high performance, meticulously crafted to cater to diverse laboratory testing needs.

12-04 -2023
Revolutionizing Mineral Testing: Compact, Versatile, and Ready-to-Deploy Container Labs

Elevate mineral testing with our turnkey container labs! Compact, versatile, and ready for deployment.

12-01 -2023
Decent Labtech: A Decade of Excellence

Thriving in a Decade of Excellence! For over 10 years, Qingdao Decent Group has been the trusted provider of high-capacity, high-production pulverizing bowls to the sample preparation market. Today, we proudly stand as the preferred choice in the majority of the world's leading commercial testing laboratories. Elevate your sample preparation with DECENT pulverizing bowls – where innovation meets reliability.

11-30 -2023
Revolutionizing Mineral Exploration: The Mobile Mineral Laboratory System - Bringing State-of-the-Art Lab Capabilities to the Field

Your Lab, Anywhere in the World: The Mobile Mineral Laboratory System brings cutting-edge laboratory capabilities to the heart of mineral exploration. Designed for rapid deployment and on-site mineral analysis, this mobile solution eliminates the need to transport samples, providing real-time results directly from the field.

11-29 -2023
The Mobile Mineral Laboratory System: A Revolutionary Solution for On-Site Mineral Analysis and Exploration

With on-the-spot analysis, you can conduct mineral testing and analysis at the exploration site, eliminating the delays associated with sample transportation to traditional laboratories. The Mobile Mineral Laboratory System is custom-built for mineral laboratories, tailored to the specific needs of mineral exploration and processing. Equipped with advanced instrumentation for mineral identification and characterization, it offers accurate and precise results.

11-28 -2023
Qingdao Decent Labtech to Build Two New Container Laboratories

Thrilled to share the exciting news: Qingdao Decent Group is set to revolutionize spaces with not one, but TWO new container laboratory projects! Stay tuned for a journey into innovative construction and sustainable solutions!

11-27 -2023
Revolutionary Furnaces for China’s Major Mine Fire Assay Lab!

Thrilling update! Currently in production, a batch of state-of-the-art sample fusion and cupellation furnaces destined for a major mine fire assay lab in China. These cutting-edge furnaces are poised to revolutionize precision in mineral analysis for this gold mine. Exciting times lie ahead!

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