Introducing the Innovative Containerized Mineral Wet Laboratory: A Breakthrough in Functionality and Efficiency

2023-05-24 16:01

Qingdao Decent Labtech is proud to unveil its latest achievement in laboratory design and manufacturing - the Multifunctional and Rationalized Containerized Mineral Wet Laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility is tailored to meet the specific needs of our esteemed customers, revolutionizing the way mineral testing is conducted.

Constructed from a solid ISO shipping container, the innovative design of this containerized laboratory allows for optimal space utilization and seamless integration of various functional areas. Through meticulous planning and engineering, the container has been transformed into three distinct zones, each serving a specific purpose.

The first functional area showcased is the electronic balance weighing station, which features three workstations. Two of these workstations are dedicated to ordinary electronic balance weighing, while the leftmost workstation is equipped with an electric heating plate for wet digestion processing procedures. To ensure safety and efficiency, the heating plate is complemented by an exhaust gas collection system.

Moving on to the second functional area, we have installed a set of operating desks and two sets of fume hoods. Additionally, an area for hand washing and emergency eyewash is provided for the convenience and safety of laboratory personnel. To effectively manage chemical waste gas, the fume hoods are connected to an acid scrubber tower.

The third area of this containerized laboratory is designed specifically for AS testing and has been custom-made to suit our customer's requirements. Internally, the laboratory is equipped with pipes and pressure gauges connected to an air compressor, while external acetylene and oxygen tanks are seamlessly integrated. For added safety, the acetylene and oxygen tanks are housed in an explosion-proof cabinet designed and manufactured by our expert team.

Careful consideration has been given to optimize the lab space, ensuring that the mobile container laboratory encompasses all the necessary testing equipment, as well as essential features such as compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and dust removal systems. This holistic approach creates a comfortable and safe testing environment, empowering researchers and technicians to conduct their work with utmost precision and confidence.

Qingdao Decent Labtech continues to drive innovation in the field of laboratory solutions, and the Multifunctional and Rationalized Containerized Mineral Wet Laboratory represents another significant milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and efficient solutions to our valued customers.

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