Qingdao Decent Group Enters into Strategic Cooperation with PT. ANTAM Tbk

2023-05-24 14:58

Jakarta, Indonesia - Qingdao Decent Group, a leading provider of high-quality equipment and tools for mining laboratories, is delighted to announce its strategic cooperation with PT. ANTAM Tbk, a renowned mining company with a strong presence in Indonesia.

Led by Hyde Wang, General Manager of Qingdao Decent Group, the team visited the headquarters of PT. ANTAM Tbk on November 11, 2018. During the meeting, Hyde Wang had the privilege of meeting with Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo, President and Director of PT. ANTAM Tbk.

PT. ANTAM Tbk has established itself as a prominent player in the mining industry, operating across a diverse range of minerals and experiencing remarkable growth in recent years.

Recognizing the exceptional quality and popularity of Qingdao Decent Group's equipment and tools for mining laboratories, PT. ANTAM Tbk expressed a keen interest in collaborating comprehensively with Decent Group. The meeting focused on discussing potential areas of cooperation between the two companies.

Hyde Wang introduced the full range of fire testing, ore sample preparation, and mineral testing products and services offered by Decent Group, showcasing their global reputation for excellence.

Impressed by Decent Group's strengths and product portfolio, PT. ANTAM Tbk expressed its strong willingness to engage in a full-scale partnership. Both parties are currently engaged in discussions to finalize the cooperation agreement, with the official signing expected in the near future.

The collaboration with PT. ANTAM Tbk marks another significant milestone for Decent Group, further cementing its reputation as a trusted and recognized international partner. The cooperation signifies a valuable addition to Decent Group's network of sincere and esteemed partners.

With great anticipation, Decent Group looks forward to the upcoming cooperation, aiming to provide customers with the highest quality products and solutions. This partnership not only solidifies Decent Group's position in the international market but also represents a promising opportunity for mutual growth and success.

For more information about Qingdao Decent Group and its range of industry-leading products, please visit their official website: www.decent-group.com

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