Fire Assay Clay Crucible Tumbler

Introducing Qingdao Decent Labtech's crucible tumbler, a forward and reverse rotating mixer designed for batch mixing of fire assay mineral samples and fluxes. With the ability to handle up to 50 fire assay crucibles simultaneously, it enhances laboratory sample preparation efficiency while minimizing manual work. An essential tool for any fire assay laboratory.

Electric Crucible/pot Loader

Qingdao Decent Labtech's electric pot/crucible loader, designed with stability and efficiency in mind. It features a thickened chain for smooth lifting, a unique fork design for stable crucible holding, and wear-resistant wheels. The transparent heat insulating board ensures safety, while the control panel enables easy operation. Customizable and with a 25/50 pots loading capacity, it offers convenience and durability with low maintenance.

Manual Crucible/pot Loader

Decent Labtech's manual pot/crucible loader - the ultimate solution for efficient and safe crucible handling. With its robust design, durable structure and user-friendly operation, it revolutionizes the loading and unloading process.

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