Laboratory Dust Removable System

Introducing Qingdao Decent Labtech's industrial dust collection system featuring a cartridge filter pulse dust collector. It effectively reduces dust pollution, creates a safe workplace, and provides protection for lab testing. With high-pressure pulse dust removal, it filters and purifies finer dust, using microfilters with activated carbon to capture 99.9% of sub-micron particles.

Acid Fume Scrubber

Qingdao Decent Labtech acid fume scrubber, a versatile and efficient solution for purifying acid gases. It offers high purification efficiency, low resistance, and a compact design.

Laboratory Fume Hood

Qingdao Decent Labtech fume hood ensures laboratory safety by exhaust function, effectively removing harmful gases, odors, and contaminants, creating a safe and efficient working environment.

Laboratory Emergency Safety Shower

Compound eyewash is an essential emergency rescue and safety equipment installed at work sites. It features a spray system and an eyewash system, connected to tap water. In case of chemical exposure, it provides immediate flushing and rescue for the eyes, face, and body of staff.

Heat Resistant Protective Clothing

Heat resistant protective clothing by Qingdao Decent Labtech ensures safety in various industries. Made with aluminum foil composite flame retardant material, our range includes hoods, tops, bottoms, gloves, and more. Available as a set or individual pieces.

Laboratory Safety Goggles

Safety goggles offer specialized eye protection in various work settings. They are designed to minimize risks from liquid splash, corrosive vapors, airborne particles, and high-speed impacts. Types include anti-solid debris, anti-chemical solution, and anti-radiation goggles.

Laboratory Heat Resistant Aluminized Gloves

When facing high-temperature radiation hazards, ensuring operator safety is crucial. High-quality aluminized heat-resistant gloves provide specialized protection. Qingdao Decent Labtech offers aluminized gloves designed for ultra-high temperature environments like fire assay labs. They are versatile for handling, cutting, insulation, and welding.

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