Multi Tube Vortexer

The multi-tube vortexer combines advanced motor and control technology for efficient mixing of multiple samples. With user-friendly knob operation and interchangeable tube fixing sponges, it suits various test tubes. Ideal for biotechnology, microbiology, and medical analysis, processing up to 50 samples simultaneously.

Laboratory Microcrystalline Nano Heating Plate

Efficiently heat and pre-treat laboratory samples with nano heating plates. Widely used in various fields such as food testing, scientific research, and industrial applications. Ideal for heating, baking, digestion, and acid removal of samples.

Laboratory Graphite Electric Hot Plate

The DECENT Graphite Electric Heating Plate is specifically designed for small and medium laboratories. It provides efficient heating for digestion, boiling, and acid distillation. With a surface size of 400×300mm, it saves energy and meets batch processing needs.

Carbon Sulfur Analyser

Discover the innovative Qingdao Decent Labtech High-frequency Infrared Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer for precise analysis results and advanced technology integration.

Laboratory Glassware

Qingdao Decent Labtech laboratory glassware enables efficient solution preparation and substance dissolution, both at room temperature and heating, including reaction vessels for larger quantities.

Alumina Ceramic

Qingdao Decent Labtech specialize in high-quality alumina ceramic crucibles, including corundum crucibles. Our range includes various shapes and sizes to suit diverse laboratory and industrial analysis needs. Contact us for non-standard and special-shaped alumina corundum crucibles.

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