Pulverizing Bowl

The pulverizing bowl is a powerful grinder that transforms coarse materials into fine powder, ideal for laboratory sample pulverizers or vibration grinders. Through eccentric vibration, it achieves precise grinding, producing test-ready material within minutes.

Laboratory Pulverizer

Qingdao Decent Labtech laboratory sample pulverizer is essential for high-quality sample grinding in the preparation process. Our ring and puck pulverizers offer efficient and accurate results, crushing samples to 120-200 mesh size. With exciting vibration and centrifugal force, they achieve effective crushing in just minutes.

Laboratory Pulverising Mill

The DECENT Dust-free Lab Pulverising Mill efficiently grinds hard, brittle, and fibrous materials to achieve desired fineness. With easy operation and versatile application, it offers various grinding bowl sizes for fast milling. Operator safety is ensured with a lid locking switch and emergency stop button. Convenient maintenance and optional Bowl Jack pneumatic lifting device enhance efficiency. Experience dust-free operation with this reliable pulverising mill.

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