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  • Fire Assay Fusion Furnaces
  • Fire Assay Fusion Furnaces

Fire Assay Fusion Furnaces

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Fire Assay Fusion Furnaces

Qingdao Decent Labtech offers efficient fire assay fusion chamber furnaces, melting precious metal ore samples with mixed fluxes in refractory clay crucibles. Our industrial-sized furnaces boost lab smelting efficiency, reduce manual operations, and accommodate multiple crucibles.

Qingdao Decent Labtech specializes in manufacturing a wide range of laboratory fusion furnaces for fire assay, offering industrial-grade equipment with exceptional features and advantages. DECENT furnaces ensure efficient melting of precious metal ore samples with mixed fluxes in refractory clay crucibles. 

With DECENT laboratory fusion furnaces, you can achieve reliable and efficient fire assay processes, ensuring accurate analysis results. The robust construction, advanced temperature control, and optional features make our furnaces ideal for various applications in the laboratory. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and experience the excellence of Qingdao Decent Labtech's industrial-grade laboratory furnaces.

Key Advantages:

• Industrial standard, compatible with multipour and multiload systems

• Easy maintenance and operation

• Fast and accurate temperature control for consistent results

• Simple replacement of consumables

• Electronic component leakage protection

• Pneumatic door vertical lifting by foot pedal (air compressor required)

• Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

• Wide range of applications

Equipment Construction:

• 2mm galvanized stainless steel frame for durability

• Electrostatic painted outer surface

• Furnace door made of high-quality alumina and aluminum silicate refractory materials for excellent thermal insulation

• Long-life silicon carbide element heating

• Independent furnace muffle and plate for easy replacement

• Electric heating method (air compressor required)

Temperature Control:

• K-type thermocouple for accurate temperature measurement

• Electronic automatic temperature control system

• Process temperature up to 1200°C

Various Options:

• Optional multi-pour/multi-load systems for efficient mixing and fusion

• Optional laboratory dust removal system and acid fume scrubber for a safer environment

• Connection capability of the 25 place laboratory crucible fusion furnace with a 50 place cupellation furnace

• Safety goggles, thermal insulation clothing, and gloves must be worn during the fire assay and testing process

• Customization available according to customer needs

Technical Parameters:

Model No.Muffle No.Working Area (mm)Crucible Qty & SizeHeating ElementTransformerAir Compressor Recommended Air Pressure (MPa)Rated TemperaturePower (KW)Dimension (mm)
DE20FFNo. 6560x480x19020x50/65g
12pcs, Silicon Carbide Element3ph, 20KVA Multi-tap0.4-0.51200℃11-201210x975x1660 / door closed
1210x1100x1900 / door open
1500x1300x2000 / packing
DE25FFNo. 7560x590x19525x50/65g
12pcs, Silicon Carbide Element3ph, 30KVA Multi-tap0.4-0.51200℃16-251260x1000x1686 / door closed
1260x1125x1925 / door open
1500x1300x2000 / packing
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