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Laboratory Pulverising Mill

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Laboratory Pulverising Mill

The DECENT Dust-free Lab Pulverising Mill efficiently grinds hard, brittle, and fibrous materials to achieve desired fineness. With easy operation and versatile application, it offers various grinding bowl sizes for fast milling. Operator safety is ensured with a lid locking switch and emergency stop button. Convenient maintenance and optional Bowl Jack pneumatic lifting device enhance efficiency. Experience dust-free operation with this reliable pulverising mill.

Qingdao Decent Labtech Dust-free Lab Pulverising Mill is a highly efficient grinding solution designed to achieve the desired final fineness for hard, brittle, and fibrous materials. It offers easy operation, versatile application, enhanced safety, and efficient sample preparation. With various grinding bowl sizes and a sturdy cabinet for dust-free operation, this mill is ideal for mineral laboratories and other applications.

The DECENT Dust-free Lab Pulverising Mill, with its key advantages, versatile features, and optional clamp designs, provides a reliable and efficient solution for sample preparation. It is an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals in various fields.

Key Advantages:

• Easy Operation: The mill is designed for user-friendly operation, allowing for quick and hassle-free sample preparation.

• Versatile Application: It can grind a wide range of materials, including ores, minerals, ferroalloys, ceramics, soils, aggregates, and chemicals.

• Enhanced Safety: Safety features such as a lid locking switch and emergency stop button ensure operator protection during operation.

• Efficient Sample Preparation: The mill accommodates large sample capacities, achieving fast pulverization and 95% passing 75 microns within 3 minutes.


• Various Grinding Bowl Sizes: Available bowl sizes range from 125cc to 2000cc, providing flexibility to accommodate different sample volumes.

• Large Sample Capacity: The mill can grind from 40g up to 1600g of material at once, allowing for efficient processing of large samples.

• Fast Pulverizing Time: Its high-speed operation enables rapid pulverization, saving time in the sample preparation process.

• Convenient Maintenance: The mill features a dismountable design for easy cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

• Sturdy Cabinets: The mill operates within a robust cabinet, ensuring dust-free and environmentally friendly operation.

DP1000 Manual Pressing Clamp Design:

• No additional equipment or pneumatic system required.

• Manual effort is needed to clamp the grinding bowl.

• Simple design facilitates easy maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime.

• Quick and easy to use, providing efficient sample preparation.

DP2000 Pneumatic Pressing Clamp Design:

• Utilizes a pneumatic system for clamping the grinding bowl.

• Ensures consistent and reliable clamping force.

• Offers improved convenience and efficiency.

• Reduces the need for manpower and enhances overall productivity.

Technical Parameters

Voltage380-415V 50Hz 3phaseCompressed Air Requirements500 kPa to 600 kPa at 1L per minute maximum flow
Motor Power2.2kWCompatible Grinding Bowls125cc 300cc 400cc 800cc 1000cc 2000cc
Feed Size≤20mmBowl MaterialsStandard steel, Chrome steel, Tungsten carbide
Output Size95% 75μmMill Net Weight360kg
Timer Setting1 second-99 hoursMill DP1000 Dimensions1050mmx1250x725mm(LxHxW)
Grinding Capacity40g-1600gMill DP2000 Dimensions1050mmx1250x725mm(LxHxW)
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