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Laboratory Pulverizer

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Laboratory Pulverizer

Qingdao Decent Labtech laboratory sample pulverizer is essential for high-quality sample grinding in the preparation process. Our ring and puck pulverizers offer efficient and accurate results, crushing samples to 120-200 mesh size. With exciting vibration and centrifugal force, they achieve effective crushing in just minutes.

Qingdao Decent Labtech laboratory sample pulverizer, also known as a laboratory ring mill or laboratory disc mill, is a crucial equipment in the sample preparation process. It ensures efficient and accurate experimental results by delivering high-quality sample grinding. Our single-bowl and multi-bowl series ring and puck pulverizers are meticulously designed and manufactured to fulfill this purpose.

During the sample preparation process, the sample is roughly crushed using a jaw crusher or hammer crusher. Subsequently, the sample smaller than 25mm undergoes fine size reduction with a pulverizing disk machine. The grinding time typically ranges from 1 to 3 minutes, achieving a particle size of 120-200 mesh, which meets the testing requirements of the laboratory.

The pulverizer operates on the principle of the motor driving the rotating shaft at high speed, generating exciting vibrations. Through centrifugal force, the bowl, puck, and ring hit, squeeze, and grind the sample, effectively achieving the purpose of crushing.

Qingdao Decent Labtech laboratory sample pulverizer provides reliable, efficient, and precise sample grinding, facilitating high-quality experimental outcomes in diverse laboratory settings.

Key Advantages:

• More Power & Lifetime: The vibratory head is driven by a universal shaft, powered by vee-belts from a stationary 1.5kW electric motor. This arrangement provides increased power to the grinding bowls, optimizing motor life.

• Various Capacity & Excellent Efficiency: Our multiple grinding bowls pulverizer series allows the installation of one to four grinding bowls with different capacities, accommodating a total of up to 1600 grams of samples. The design enables simultaneous testing of up to four different materials, ensuring excellent efficiency.

• Wide Use & Perfect Grinding Effect: Suitable for ores, minerals, ferroalloys, ceramics, soils, aggregates, and chemicals, our sample pulverizer achieves grinding to 95% minus 75-50 microns within 3 minutes, depending on sample mass and physical characteristics.

• High Output & Low Maintenance: Ideal for high-volume mineral laboratories and remote laboratories, our pulverizer requires minimal maintenance compared to integral vibratory motor-driven systems.

• Trouble-free Bowl Clamping Design: The manual mechanical bowl clamping features a quick, easy, and secure design, ensuring trouble-free operation during the sample preparation process, regardless of whether the laboratory is equipped with a pneumatic system.


• 1.5kw stationary electric motor drive provides ample power for sample preparation.

• Robust metal cabinet with sound-reducing foam lining ensures durability and operator-friendly operation.

• Easy and efficient operation with external control box equipped with start & stop push buttons, motor overload protection, and electronic run cycle timer.

• Lid safety switch stops the mill when the cabinet lid is opened during operation, guaranteeing operator safety.

• Integrated Emergency Stop button enables immediate halting of the laboratory disk pulverizer in emergencies.

• Low noise level (<60dB) creates a friendly working environment and ensures operator safety.


• Wide range of bowl options available to cater to different sample quantities and types.

• Customized power supply connections.

• Separate floor-mounted stand for the control box.

Technical Parameters

ModelSample QtyFeed-in SizeFeed-in WeightPulverizing TimeOutput SizePower
DPA100-11<13mm100g x 1<2 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA100-22<13mm100g x 2<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA100-33<13mm100g x 3<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA100-44<13mm100g x 4<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA100-55<13mm100g x 5<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA100-77<13mm100g x 6<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA200-11<20mm200g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA200-22<20mm200g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA200-33<20mm200g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA200-44<20mm200g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA400-11<26mm400g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA400-22<26mm400g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA400-23<26mm400g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA400-44<26mm400g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA500-11<26mm500g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
DPA1000-11<26mm1000g x 1<3 minutes125-50um1.5kw
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