• Laboratory Rotary Sample Divider

Laboratory Rotary Sample Divider

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Laboratory Rotary Sample Divider

Qingdao Decent Labtech Rotary Sample Divider guarantee precise division of bulk laboratory samples into equal representative samples with over 99% accuracy. Experience controlled feeding and seamless segmental bucket rotation for enhanced sample analysis.

Qingdao Decent Labtech Rotary Sample Divider, an advanced solution for precise division of bulk laboratory samples into equal representative samples with over 99% accuracy. This innovative equipment operates by feeding samples at a controlled rate, where a rotating circle of segmental buckets divides the falling stream into equal segments. Adhering to international sampling protocols, it ensures reliable and consistent results.

Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of the Qingdao Decent Labtech Rotary Sample Divider, designed to streamline sample division processes in laboratories and research facilities.

Key Advantages:

• Fast, Accurate, and Safe: Achieve efficient sample division with high precision while maintaining operator safety.

• Adjustable Industrial Vibrator: Customize the vibration intensity to optimize sample flow and division.

• Large 40L Capacity: Accommodate sizable bulk samples for seamless processing and representative splitting.

• Optional or Customizable Sample Buckets: Tailor the sample collection and division process according to specific requirements.

• Door with Safety Device: Incorporates a safety switch to prevent operation when the lid is open, ensuring user protection.


• Eight Bucket Segments: The unit includes eight bucket segments for effective sample division and collection.

• Easy Removal: Each bucket is equipped with handles for convenient and effortless removal.

• Hand-Turnable Turntable: The turntable can be manually rotated, allowing easy access to each bucket.

• Stainless Steel Construction: All parts in direct contact with the sample are made of SUS304 stainless steel for durability and sample integrity.

• Control Panel: The control panel enables setting of rotary frequency, speed, and other parameters for precise control.

• Gear Motor with Variable Frequency Speed Control: The driving mechanism employs a gear motor and variable frequency speed control to ensure accurate bucket rotation speed.

• Dust Extraction Capability: The fully sealed machine features a dust inlet for the mounting of a dust extraction pipe, maintaining a clean working environment.

Technical Parameters

Bucket Volume20L30L40L60L90L
Inlet hopper capacity7L12L20L25.5L82L
Bucket Quantity6/8/106/8/106/8/106/8/106/8/10
Dimension (mm)800x410x900920x460x10201155x555x11251160x600x12801680x830x1550
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