• Laboratory Wet Coal Crusher

Laboratory Wet Coal Crusher

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Laboratory Wet Coal Crusher

DECENT Wet Coal Crusher efficiently crushes coal and ore with high moisture content. It ensures uniform output, easy maintenance, and safe, dust-free operation.

Qingdao Decent Labtech High Efficiency Wet Coal Crusher is a versatile crushing solution designed for coal and ore with moisture content exceeding 15%. It ensures efficient crushing without moisture loss, providing uniform output and high efficiency. With its milling type crushing mechanism, it offers efficient discharging and finds application in various industries.

DECENT High Efficiency Wet Coal Crusher is a reliable solution for handling high moisture content in coal and ore. Its key advantages include its ability to handle high moisture, efficient discharging, no moisture loss, uniform output, and high efficiency. Additionally, its features such as plug-in sieve plates, fully sealed cabinet design, and low noise operation make it a versatile and efficient choice for industries dealing with wet materials.

Key Advantages:

• Handling High Moisture Content: This crusher is specifically designed to handle coal and ore with moisture levels above 15%, making it suitable for industries dealing with wet materials.

• Efficient Discharging: The milling type crushing process ensures efficient discharging, contributing to smooth operation and enhanced productivity.

• No Moisture Loss: It can crush large moisture samples without any moisture loss, preserving the integrity and composition of the materials being processed.

• Uniform Output and High Efficiency: The crusher delivers consistent and uniform output, ensuring high efficiency in downstream processes.


• Plug-in Sieve Plates: Convenient plug-in sieve plates enable easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and prolonged lifespan of the crusher.

• Fully Sealed Cabinet Design: The fully sealed cabinet design offers a safe and dust-free operation, preventing dust emissions and maintaining a clean working environment.

• Low Noise Operation: The crusher operates with low noise, minimizing noise pollution and making it suitable for various industrial settings.

Technical Parameters

Model No.DWC100DWC100A
Feed-in Size≤100mm≤100mm
Output Size<3 or <13mm<3 or <13mm
Productivity2000 kgs/h1600 kgs/h
Power4 kw4 kw
Voltage3ph, 380v, 50hz3ph, 380v, 50hz
Weight220 kgs220 kgs
Overall Dimension1100x460x1230mm1100x460x1230mm
RemarksWith normal blade hammer for crushing coalWith alloy blade hammer for crushing coke
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