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Mobile Container Lab Solutions

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Mobile Container Lab Solutions

Mobile container lab is fully equipped with prefaricated scientific instruments, allowing on-the-go research and analysis. Perfect for field experiments, data collection, and rapid response to emergencies.

Qingdao Decent Labtech specializes in the design and manufacturing of containerized laboratories for various applications such as mines, sample preparation, pilot plants, and testing. Our DECENT Mobile container laboratories are built with a modular design, utilizing container technology to offer turnkey solutions. The flexibility of our modular design allows for easy assembly according to specific laboratory testing requirements. Once water, electricity, and drainage connections are established, our mobile container laboratory can be operational within minutes upon arrival at the worksite. Compared to traditional buildings, these mobile container labs provide significant cost savings in analysis and setup expenses. They are prefabricated, modular, and offer a complete turnkey solution.

The mobile container laboratory by Qingdao Decent Labtech is modified using ISO shipping containers, incorporating weathering steel and special anti-rust paint for exceptional corrosion resistance. This modification ensures an extended service life for the mobile container laboratory.

With its robust construction, the container laboratory exhibits remarkable durability, capable of withstanding strong winds up to magnitude 10 and earthquakes up to magnitude 8. The safety rate of the mobile container laboratory is twice that of traditional buildings. Furthermore, its complete insulation allows for operation in extreme climatic conditions, ensuring a comfortable and controlled environment.

Our modular design concept follows a plug-and-play approach, particularly evident in our containerized laboratory for mineral testing. This design offers unlimited expansion possibilities to accommodate diverse experimental purposes.

Careful optimization of lab space through meticulous design is a hallmark of our mobile container laboratory. It is fully equipped with essential testing equipment, as well as compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and dust removal systems. The comprehensive setup ensures a comfortable and safe laboratory testing environment.

With a pre-made degree exceeding 90%, our mobile container mineral laboratory significantly reduces construction and decoration waste by approximately 99% when compared to traditional construction methods. This eco-friendly approach allows for easy relocation and recycling of the laboratory based on business requirements. Within a few hours of arriving at the site, the mobile laboratory can be fully operational.

In summary, DECENT Mobile container labs offer modular design, container technology, and turnkey solutions for various applications, including mine exploration projects, sample pre-screening, and mining field laboratories. Their advantages over traditional modular buildings translate into substantial cost savings in transportation and construction expenses.

Key Advantages:

    Cost Savings: Rapid setup within hours minimizes analysis and setup costs, resulting in significant savings compared to traditional methods.

    Portability and Easy Transportation: Engineered from standard 20ft or 40ft sea containers, our labs can be easily transported to any destination, offering simple and cost-effective transportation.

    Robust Protection: The mobile containerized laboratories are constructed using weathering steel and special anti-rust paint, providing outstanding corrosion resistance and increasing the service life of the labs. They can withstand strong winds (magnitude 10) and earthquakes (magnitude 8), offering double the safety of traditional buildings.

    Climate Adaptability: Fully insulated and designed to operate in extreme climatic conditions, our labs provide a comfortable and controlled environment for operators, ensuring efficient testing even in harsh environments.

    Modular Design and Expansion: The modular design concept allows for flexible assembly and unlimited expansion, meeting diverse laboratory testing requirements and accommodating future growth or changes.

    Optimized Space and Equipment: Carefully designed lab spaces include all necessary testing equipment, compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and dust removal systems, creating a comfortable and safe testing environment.

    Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: With a high pre-made degree of over 90%, our mobile container labs significantly reduce construction and decoration waste by approximately 99%. They can be easily moved, relocated, or recycled according to business needs.

    Customization and Expert Support: Our team of laboratory specialists, experts, and experienced staff offer high customization to meet specific client requirements. We provide on-site commissioning and training services, ensuring smooth operation and user satisfaction.

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